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Bond Cleaning Tips Every Tenant Should Know!
Bond cleaning is among the most important tasks you have to perform when vacating a rental property. Without it, you cannot pass the final inspection and stand to lose your bond partially or entirely. Also known as end of lease cleaning, this activity requires a tenant to adequately sanitise the house or unitafter all the property content are moved and the property is empty. It is a type of deep cleaning very different from regular cleaning which is why most people inSydney, NSW prefer to hire bond cleaning experts.   If you are ending a tenancy and need guidance, here are bond cleaning tips every tenant should know! Have a look.  

Know When to DIY

Your landlord cannot legally force you to hire professionals but since you have to return the rental property in the same condition it was in at the start of a tenancy, you are obligated to take professional help when the previous tenant did so. DIY end of lease cleaning is possible but it is back-breaking and stressful. You can manage it when the property is small but some things like carpet cleaning, pets control, wall-washing and others are difficult without experience or quality equipment. Therefore, when in doubt, hire professional bond cleaners in Sydney, NSW rather than attempting to do the activity yourself.  

Create A Cleaning Checklist

Checklists are excellent for streamlining tasks and delegating them among household members. For DIY bond cleaning, you would need one because the process is impossible to complete without a cleaning checklist. You can download pre-made ones online or get a mobile application to make a personalised to-dolist.Even professional bond cleaners in Sydney use REINSW-approved checklists to clean rental properties as per industry standards.  

Pay Attention To The Kitchen & Bathroom

These areas are the dirtiest ones in your house. Surfaces and fixtures of the kitchen and bathroom constantly come in contact with dust, dirt, grime and soap scum. Additionally, they accumulate bacteria, viruses and mould that form a biofilm and cling to it to multiple rapidly. Therefore, among other areas of the house, these are the dirtiest. Make sure you clean and disinfect every nook and cranny of these rooms before you start with any other household area.   If your bathroom and kitchen are heavily soiled you should take assistance of professional cleaners rather than do it yourself.  

Use The Right Techniques

Professional bond cleaners in Sydney, NSW complete cleaning jobs in time and effectively by using the right cleaning techniques. Thus, to clean and disinfect your rental property like a pro, here are something you should do.
  • Clean top to bottom
  • Move in a circular pattern while decluttering, wiping or dusting a room. Move left to right.
  • Instead of making circles while wiping, move your hand in a sweeping S position to slither the tool from up to down.

Give Products Proper Dwell Time

Don’t make the rookies mistake of scrubbing immediately after applying a cleaner to a surface or fixture. Every product needs dwell time to dissolve contaminants and this duration is mentioned on label. Usually, cleaners need about 5-10 minutes to work effectively but the dwell time can be shorter or longer. The results will surprise you and make cleaning a lot easier to manage.  

Listen To Music

Bond cleaning is a time-consuming and tedious task that can take you days to complete. Therefore, you need to listen to preferred songs to keep yourself motivated and engaged. Create a bond cleaning playlist with all the songs that get your excited.In addition, ask family members to create playlists and listen to them randomly to have a fun time cleaning as a family.  


Bond cleaning is a stressful and challenging processthat that takes a lot of commitment and motivation. Also, you need to be precise to clean adequately and get your bond back in full. However, if you want to DIY, follow the tips shared above to manage end of lease cleaning like a pro.